Incentives & Support

What else We Offer

The SAIRA team offers various services and support to foster fruitful collaborations and to promote your challenges and projects.

SAIRA Project Camps

After successful matchmaking participate in one of our SAIRA Project Camps around the globe. If you have formed a Research Collaborations or a Start-Up Challenges team on SAIRA, participate and make the most of your innovation.

Our workshop program provides your team with consulting and advisory services and an opportunity to pitch your project idea to potential investors. A detailed workshop program will be available soon.

Promoting Your Challenge or Project Idea

Reach out to more potential collaborators by promoting your challenge or project idea through publications on SAIRA and our social media channels.

Promoting Your Success Story

Use SAIRA to highlight your successful project collaboration by publishing your Success Story on SAIRA and on our social media channels.

Meet the Founders

Interested in a hands-on session? We introduce SAIRA in face-to-face meetings. Whether you want to make sure that you reap all the benefits that SAIRA has to offer, or if you want to spread the word to relevant stakeholders from your network, we are happy to come over and present SAIRA to you.

Guidance for Using SAIRA

Publishing a challenge on SAIRA or submitting a proposal might feel like a daunting task in the beginning. We want to make sure that you are confident using the platform.  Therefore, we provide wide-ranging support. Our team will help you to define challenges and write elaborate proposals to increase your chances of finding partners.


If you have any questions or feedback, we are very happy to hear from you. No matter if you just need some tips on how to get started or have a more specific inquiry, your messages are always a priority to us.