Industrial Challenges

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

SAIRA facilitates contract research by connecting solution seeking companies and SMEs to problem solving experts in research and development working for research and technology organizations.

How Industrial Challenges Work


Solution seeking company identifies and defines internal needs and creates an Industrial Challenge on SAIRA.


Solution Seeker starts a broadcast search for Problem Solvers by publishing an Industrial Challenge.

WAITRO researchers (Problem Solvers) identify challenges, describe potential solutions and express interest in collaborating by submitting proposals.


Solution Seeker receives proposal from WAITRO researcher(s) on how to solve the Industrial Challenge.

Solution Seeker starts talks with potential WAITRO researcher(s) based on submitted proposals and selects a WAITRO researcher by accepting a proposal.


Solution Seeker and WAITRO researcher (Problem Solver) agree on terms and conditions of collaboration and open a workspace on SAIRA.


Project team uses SAIRA for project management and WAITRO researcher(s) develops customized solutions for company.

Project team shares their success story on SAIRA.

Solution Seekers

Companies and SMEs seeking straightforward contract research with experts in R&D working at research and technology organizations that meet their needs and solve industrial challenges.

Problem Solvers

Researchers of WAITRO member organizations matching industrial challenges with technological know-how and expertise in research and development.

Benefits for Companies

Be Competitive

SAIRA connects companies to researchers that have extensive experience in closing research gaps, exploring business opportunities and technology forecasting. Companies get the opportunity to stay competitive on constantly changing markets through the collaboration with renowned research and technology organizations.

Stay Ahead

SAIRA provides companies with free access to an enormous spectrum of ideas and expertise. The Open Innovation Hub offers possibilities for fruitful collaboration to ensure that their company always stays ahead.

Contribute to Sustainable Development

SAIRA is a digital gateway to an extensive network of bright innovators that will develop perfectly tailored solutions for Industrial Challenges that will lead to a more sustainable future.

Benefits for WAITRO Members

Identify Industry Partners for Contract Research

SAIRA facilitates the connection between researchers and the industry through a matchmaking of market needs on technological know-how.

Ensure Implementation of Results

SAIRA enhances the implementation of research results once the right partnerships have been formed and ideas are ready to take flight.

Share Success Stories for Publicity & Branding Purposes

SAIRA provides a platform where success stories of sustainable collaborations are published for free, ensuring that the wider international community gets to know the innovation and the people behind it.

Ready to Get Started?

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