Connecting Knowledge with Opportunity, for good

Our Inspiration

It is our goal to have the most possible impact with a project, not to maximize profits. We connect Solution Seekers to Problem Solvers to change the future sustainably rather than finding easy fixes and short-term solutions. At SAIRA, we strive to strengthen local problem identification to solve challenges together on an eye-to-eye level. SAIRA boosts the creation of unexpected partnerships by providing free access to WAITRO’s renowned global network of research and technology organizations (RTOs). We encourage cooperation based on trust and sharing that would otherwise not have occurred.

Our Mission

To facilitate the development and implementation of technological solutions by encouraging the formation of international partnerships that overcome disciplinary boundaries and national borders.
To promote access to science, technology and innovation that is crucial to solving the world’s most pressing challenges and creating a sustainable planet for future generations.

Our Vision

SAIRA is the primary platform for international collaborations where challenges, expertise and innovative ideas are matched to create solutions for a sustainable future. We are an exhaustive resource for initiators of change and drivers of global transformation who are embarking on a journey of open innovation.

Our Core Values

Value Creation

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainable Development

We believe in a holistic approach of sustainability and a multidimensional vision of sustainable development that integrates economic, political, environmental, and cultural perspectives.

Inclusion & Ownership

We advocate for the inclusion of local expertise and know-how. Listening to those people affected by local and global challenges creates ownership that ensures adequate adaption and acceptance of innovative technologies and solutions.

Partnerships & Collaboration

We promote the creation of partnerships among research and technology organizations and the private sector to fuel exchange, collaboration and the transfer of technologies and know-how.

Innovation & Excellence

We enable excellence in R&D to implement innovative technologies that contribute to a sustainable planet.

Diversity & Interdisciplinarity

We believe in diverse views and interdisciplinary capabilities and expertise that are key to produce outstanding scientific achievements.

Commitment & Impact

We are committed to facilitating global collaborations aiming at consolidating outreach and deepening impact, instead of maximizing profits.