Start-Up Challenges

Transform Innovative Ideas into Viable Solutions

SAIRA paves the way to transform innovative ideas into viable solutions that create sustainable business and sustain themselves over time. We provide start-ups free access to WAITRO’s renowned global network of researchers, so the best ideas can flourish and take flight.

How Start-Up Challenges Work


Solution seeking start-up identifies specific needs to implement or scale a business idea and creates a Start-Up Challenge on SAIRA.


Solution Seeker starts a broadcast search for Problem Solvers by publishing a Start-Up Challenge.

WAITRO researchers (Problem Solvers) identify challenges, describe potential solutions and express interest in collaborating by submitting a proposal.


Solution Seeker receives proposals from WAITRO researcher(s) on how to solve the Start-Up Challenge.

Start-up starts talks with potential WAITRO researcher(s) based on submitted proposals and selects a WAITRO researcher by accepting a proposal.


Solution Seeker and WAITRO researcher (Problem Solver) agree on terms and conditions of collaboration and open a workspace on SAIRA.


Project teams use SAIRA for project management and collaborate to implement or scale the business idea.

Project team shares their success story on SAIRA.

Solution Seekers

Start-ups seeking support of experts in R&D working at research and technology organizations (RTOs) to scale or implement their innovative business ideas.

Problem Solvers

Researchers of WAITRO member organizations matching innovative business ideas with technological know-how and expertise in research and development (R&D).

Benefits for Start-Ups

Turn Visions into Reality

SAIRA helps start-ups to find R&D partners to overcome challenges and accomplish their vision. SAIRA allows start-ups to identify and collaborate with R&D experts and implement their innovative solutions.

Innovative Products and Services

SAIRA enables start-ups to collaborate with the world’s leading RTOs to deliver products and services that meet critical needs while staying ahead of the competition.

Widespread Diffusion and Rapid Growth

SAIRA provides start-ups with free access to a well-connected team of researchers with a geographical reach that has no limits. Through SAIRA’s network and expertise, start-ups get supported in upscaling at the right time and with the right RTO.

Share Success Stories

SAIRA provides a platform where success stories of sustainable collaborations are shared with a wider international community.

Benefits for WAITRO Members

New Partnerships & Markets

SAIRA establishes partnerships between start-ups and WAITRO researches. By collaborating with start-ups, WAITRO researchers get access to innovative ideas outside of the RTO world.

Implementation of Innovations

SAIRA provides opportunities to transfer research findings into products, services and processes.

Share Success Stories for Publicity & Branding Purposes

SAIRA provides a platform where success stories of sustainable collaborations are shared with the wider international community.

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