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How our review process works

How our review process works

After you submit your technology, research or data on SAIRA, it will only be visible to our expert review board. Once at least one reviewer has accepted your submission, it will get published on SAIRA and will be visible to the entire SAIRA community.

The Review Board will assess:

  1. For Technologies:
    1. whether the submission is relevant for the Covid-19 context
    2. whether the submission has a technology readiness level of at least 6

  2. For Research papers and Data:
    1. whether the work is discussed appropriately in the context of the current literature
    2. whether suitable methods have been used
    3. whether the interpretations and conclusions are supported by the evidence presented?
    4. whether sufficient information and source data have been provided to allow others to repeat every step of the work
    5. whether the conclusions are supported by the findings

Submission Accepted

You will receive an email notification as soon as your solution has been accepted and published.

Submission Rejected

If your solution does get rejected you will receive a notification email. You can of course edit and improve your submission and submit it again.
You will not receive feedback as to why your submission was rejected.
If you have any concerns you can use the contact form.


There is no exact timeline of how fast the review process does take. However, it will not take more than two weeks, unless it is a special case.

Our Reviewers

SAIRA is working collectively with an international network of experts to ensure the quality of the solutions uploaded on the open access hub.

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