Submission Rules as of May 4th, 2020

Submission Rules

Submission Rules


By publishing content, you confirm that you are the author(s) of the content and the owner(s) of the copyrights. If your content includes contributions of others, you have obtained the authorization of the copyright owners to publish the content. Nothing in the content infringes any duty of confidentiality which you may owe to anyone else or violates any contract.


You shall respect copyright and applicable license conditions. Download and use of information from SAIRA does not amount to a transfer of intellectual property.


Please only upload technologies, data and/or papers focusing on COVID-19. Make sure that nothing in the content is obscene, defamatory, or libelous, violates any right of privacy or infringes any intellectual property rights or any other human, personal or other rights of any person or entity or is otherwise unlawful.


Once you have submitted your content, it will be visible to a review board of experts. Only if at least one expert has accepted your submission, your content will be published on SAIRA and visible to the general public.


Once you have published your content, you cannot change it anymore. Editing is only possible by un-publishing and re-publishing.


By publishing content, you accept the TERMS OF USE and guarantee that SAIRA will not be made liable to any claims or litigation whatsoever from you or a third party concerning the Intellectual Property Rights associated with the content presented, nor to its financial consequences and ramifications.

These SUBMISSION RULES are currently valid and dated as of May, 2020.