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Technology  Epidemiological intelligence model for the identification of practices about Covid 19: technological and social innovation solutions for Medellín, Colombia

Keyword(s): COVID-19 Adaptation Data tracking and modelling Digital Enhanced Learning Education machine learning capacity planning  One Health city develop 

Yessica Giraldo (CES University)
Diana Restrepo (CES University)

Country: Colombia 

Posted by Yessica Giraldo from CES University

Paper  Bat Research Networks and Viral Surveillance: Gaps and Opportunities in Western Asia

Keyword(s): Chiroptera  conservation  coronaviruses  Middle East  zoonoses  One Health 

Kendra L. Phelps (EcoHealth Alliance)
Luke Hamel (EcoHealth Alliance)
Nisreen Al-hmoud (Royal Scientific Society of Jordan)
Shahzad Ali ( University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)
Rasit Bilgin (Bog˘aziçi University)
Ketevan Sidamonidze (National Center for Disease Control & Public Health)
Lela Urushadze (National Center for Disease Control & Public Health)
William Karesh (EcoHealth Alliance)
Kevin J. Olival (EcoHealth Alliance)

Country: United States 

Posted by Nisreen AL-Hmoud from Royal Scientific Society of Jordan