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Keyword(s) supply chainressiliencefood trade
Author(s) Rainer PascherPhilip Ramprecht


After the lock-down was announced in mid-March 2020, people started stockpiling food and other products they might need for their everyday life during the corona crisis. As a result, empty shelfs in the supermarkets dominated the media and questions rose, whether the food supply chain would break down. This context was the starting point of our research: We aimed to identify potential weak points in the food value chain and provide a solid decision-making basis for policy makers. Within the framework of the Preside project, the Vienna University of Technology and Fraunhofer Austria, in cooperation with partners from the food trade, have developed a tool with which answers to strategic questions on supply chain security can be found with just a few clicks. If a neighbouring country is hit hard by the Corona crisis and the border has to be closed, the developed tool can be used to determine which food products may experience supply difficulties. Furthermore, the consequences of closing a certain inner-Austrian region for the availability of the products produced or stored there can be visualised. The visualisation is based on trade data of different companies, which are provided by project partners such as the food wholesaler KASTNER. These are real data from the supply chain of the wholesale trade for independent traders and the data of the organic specialised trade. Thanks to this cooperation, the developed dashboard can visualise the flow of goods and immediately show which product groups are delivered from which regions. The tool, ensures that in the event of a crisis, it is possible to react quickly at any time and to avoid distortions in the food value chain.




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Name Philip Ramprecht
Organization Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
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