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Technology  IWShield - Sustainable and Rapidly Manufacturable Face Shield


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Author(s) Eric PohlKonrad KatzerMaurice Langer


The IWShield is a face shield specifically designed for the high demands of personal protection equipment (PPE) that were needed during the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2. It combines numerous important aspects, such as an ultra-lightweight, reusable design and a sustainable manufacturing approach. Different to other face shields that were created at the beginning of the pandemic, the IWShield does not implement any 3D-printed or injection moulded parts. These parts are often heavy, material-intensive or expensive in manufacturing. As the IWShield is made completely out of polymeric sheet material, none of those disadvantages comes into play. It offers a secure hold while being extremely lightweight and does not shake or twist when you are moving your head. Due to the "2D"-Design of the parts, they can be cut via punching or laser cutting in a short period of time. A few simple moves later, the IWShield is assembled and ready to use. No elastic component is needed, as the ribbons will fasten themselves around your head. We recommend a Velcro Tape to connect the ends of the ribbons, but a piece of string should work just as fine. Sustainability played a big role in the design process. This face shield is reusable, because single-use solutions produce a lot of waste. You simply clean the IWShield after usage to make it ready for its next use. As you can use a lot of different materials as a result of the manufacturing flexibility, anyone with a punch or a laser cutter is able to take part in producing the needed parts locally with the material at hand. The IWShield does not use a lot of material, but even though, recycled polymers or polymers with a recycled portion should be used to extend and underline the sustainable character of the product. The research and development project was supported with funds provided by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's internal programs (grant number Anti-Corona 062-600017).




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