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Author(s) Shekhar C MandeAshwini Kumar Nangia


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world literally to a standstill. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India through its 38 laboratories and expertise in diverse areas ranging from aerospace to buildings to genomics to chemicals, quickly sprang into action developing COVID-19 interventions. CSIR, India's rich R&D knowledgebase is embodied in the rapid testing, cost-effective diagnostic kits, virus culture, genome sequencing and disease surveillance. With the perfect blend of scientific knowledge, technical expertise, industry linkages and governmental interfaces, through innovations and improvisations CSIR, India has come up with many technologies and products to be deployed against COVID-19. One of the many technologies developed by CSIR is the Oxygen Enriching Unit. It is based on innovative, indigenously developed Hollow-Fiber Membrane technology and provides approximately 35-40% oxygen enriched air. The unit is certified at NABL accredited labs for safety, calibration & performance. We eagerly look forward to partnering with R&D organizations and industries from around the world to take this technology to the people.




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Name Shekhar C Mande
Organization Council of Scientific and Industrial Research India
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