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Author(s) Carlo MalgieriNicholas DraghettiSimone Iengo


Epidemiological pandemics,such as Covid-19,require an enhancement of the surveillance and treatment activities. Whenever is possible,prevention should be the first type of countermeasure to be adopted. However,hospitals and more in general the entire healthcare systems should have proper technologies to mitigate and control epidemics,even when they are ongoing: telemedicine and artificial intelligence might be used by professionals to help patients at home and deal with the pandemic.In this context,ALFABETO aims mainly to support healthcare professionals in the triage phase at the patient's home. With reference to the scope of intervention,the project consists of a platform to support the home diagnosis of Covid patients,capable of: -Integrate all clinical information of Covid-19 suspects,from medical history,SS data,GP folder,to Covid monitoring apps -Indicate the degree of priority to the radiologist (operating remotely) for reporting of the chest X-ray performed at home -Developing a “dynamic” Triage using AI engines applied to the clinical, anamnestic and contextual data of the Covid-19 suspect -Enable close cooperation between all operators (Home Care,GPs,Hospital Specialists) through collaboration tools integrated in the platform (adhering to privacy requirements) sharing clinical information in real-time -Developing predictive analyses on the evolution of the pathology supporting the practitioners in the diagnostic decision (Hospitalization vs Home care) Therefore,the use of the ALFABETO has positive effects in terms of: -Hospital admissions only for cases that are really necessary,not only in relation to the immediate symptoms,but also according to the possible evolution of the pathology in the short term -Possibility of enhancing the home management of Covid-19 patients without necessarily requiring the 'physical' presence of a doctor Alfabeto is validated in San Matteo hospital (PV,Italy) and today is running in the same hospital (trl = 6)




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